The 5 Best and Worst Things About Living Alone

This is probably the only good selfie I have ever taken. 

I’ve lived alone now for over three months, and I have learned some good and bad things about the situation to share with you. 

First up, the best things:

1. There’s no one to complain if I leave the dishes in the dishwasher or sink for a few days. This is a big one for me. Living at my parents’ house meant that if the dishes were clean, the dishwasher should be emptied and possibly reloaded before Mom got home from work. Now, I can leave the dishes until I run out of them. 

2. Everything is where I, and no one else, want it. There’s nothing like decorating or furnishing a place from scratch to see what your style really is. I can have books and yarn in every nook and cranny of my apartment, and I’m the only one who has a say in the matter. 

3. All the time to myself really solidifies what I want in life. The times that I am able to just sit and reflect are some of the best I’ve had since moving. I’m able to take steps towards the life I want; I can go where I want, when I want; I don’t get interrupted when I am reading the Word, knitting, writing, or doing anything else. I’m able to focus on what is most important to me – my relationship with God – and not feel like I should be doing something else instead. 

Now the not-so-great things:

4. There is no one else to share the responsibilities with. This refers both to the financial responsibilities as well as the cleaning, cooking, etcetera. When you live alone, you have to deal with everything alone. I can’t ask someone else to do the dishes, because try as he might, Hugo the cat just won’t do them. 

5. When something funny or exciting happens, there’s no one there to share it with. The same holds true for the sad, scary, frustrating things as well. I’ve come home from long days at work and not had anyone to share these things with. 

Whether you live alone or not, there are bound to be similar things you like or dislike about your living situation. This is how it is for now. It won’t always be like this. Enjoy the awesome things about living alone while I can. These are the things that I need to keep in mind while I live alone.

Does anyone else live alone? What’s your favorite part about living alone?